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Happy Parents & Happy Kids

It is our pleasure to write a recommendation for Rose Ortiz. When it became apparent that we would need a full time caregiver for “C”, we were extremely nervous about leaving him with anyone. We met with numerous caregivers and while many stood out as more than capable, we knew right away that Rose was our number one choice. Her professionalism is equally balanced with her caring and nurturing demeanor. From day one, her communication was above and beyond, and we really appreciated the text updates. Her family was always warm and inviting and our son “C” loved going to Rose’s every day. We were very thankful that “C” got to spend such an important time in his development with Rose.

I would highly recommend Trisha to anyone looking for childcare. She is loving, caring and takes very good care of my son. He started when he was 4 months old and it has been such a blessing to be able to go to work knowing he is in such good hands. She is like a second family and for that I am very thankful. She keeps my child’s best interest in mind and is always willing to give great advice and support to new parents.

As first time parents, we couldn't imagine how we were going to feel comfortable leaving our child in the care of someone else starting as an infant. After touring several options, we stepped into Rose's home and soon realized this was the right place for our daughter, “L”, to spend her weekdays. Our daughter was lovingly cared for, nurtured and taught by Rose. As dual working parents, Rose made our lives easier by preparing her healthy food and washing her clothes used while in her daycare. Her communication was clear and thorough and we always felt comfortable reaching out to check in during the day, if needed. We were energized at work when we received photo or video updates from their day's adventures. When it was time for Lucy to move into a new daycare situation, Rose worked closely with us on the transition into preschool to ensure it went as smoothly as possible. She worked with “L” on skills she would need in a larger center setting and we saw the benefits of all her support in the smooth transition we experienced to the new school setting. We will forever be grateful to the time our daughter spent with Rose and her family.

It is my pleasure to recommend Trisha’s TLC Childcare. Dropping your young child off at daycare can be a difficult experience but Trisha made this easy for us by providing a safe and clean environment that made us feel secure that our baby was in good hands. Trisha cares so much for the children in her care, and loves them so much. It was always a pleasure to have her care for our baby.

Choosing Rose Ortiz to care for our daughter “T” was a decision we have always been thankful for. Rose is thoughtful, caring, organized, educated, and very attentive to the needs of the children she cares for. She really does approach them as if they were her own. This was especially evident when we first started taking “T” to “A Bundle of Love Childcare”. When researching childcare options, we loved right off the bat the reality of “T” being in a loving, comfortable and clean home. When “T” first started, our family experienced the usual nervousness associated with going to a new place. Within a very short time she was genuinely excited to go play and we were happy to see her flourish. From scenic stroller rides to learning activities to healthy meals, we love that “T” gets to experience all the good things in life every single day. If you are lucky enough to choose “A Bundle of Love”, your child will be loved and cared for as every parent desires. Rose does an excellent job and we hope to use her again someday if we have a second child.

My husband and I used Trisha's infant daycare for approximately two years. We had two years of truly amazing daycare that we miss tremendously. Finding a daycare for our newborn was a extremely difficult task. We toured many daycare's and felt scared and uneasy, util we scheduled a home tour interview with Trisha. My husband and I knew the minute we walked in, that this was the home daycare for our beautiful baby girl. We wanted the best for our baby girl. Trisha's two daughter's live with her, and her parents are in a connected apartment next door. Everyone in the family is loving and approachable, and made us feel like family from the first day we started daycare. Not only did our baby thrive at Trisha's daycare, but as her parents, we had an ease of mind knowing she was in a completely safe and loving home. We call her the "concierge daycare service".

Thank you so very much Rose for all that you have done for “K” and our family! When we first met you we knew how special you are and the two years having our child with you it was proven. From early morning routines to preparing “K” for after work events, you always embraced the opportunity to help. Your enthusiasm and love showed tremendously when hearing “K” talk about her day with you and the excitement it brought to her. You are an amazing person with a kind warm heart! I credit you for helping make the transition for “K” into preschool easier then we imagined. You know what they say about it taking a village to raise a child. Thank you for being such a positive part in our village!

We came to Trisha when our son was just over 3 months old. As incredibly inexperienced and nervous parents, Trisha was the first and only daycare we saw where I felt safe leaving my child. Her house is warm, welcoming, and CLEAN! She quickly got “S” on a perfect meal and nap schedule that we were able to adapt to at home. Trisha loves all the babies as her own and takes extreme care to provide a loving and safe environment. I definitely recommend Trisha.

Leaving our son “S” in the care of another person is one of the hardest and most important decisions we've had to make (so far!). As first-time parents, we visited many care providers, but from the moment we met Rose, we knew she would be the very best person to care for our son. She is always calm, loving and patient with the children under her care. She constantly works with the children on their development--physical, emotional, social, and communicative, among others. We loved our time with Rose, and give her the highest possible recommendation.

Rose is a compassionate, caring, and a well trained childcare provider. She has taken care of our son from the age of 3 months old with tenderness and dedication. Rose makes caring for our children more than just her job, and it shows in the safe and loving environment she is able to create. She is fully supported by her husband and boys whom help to create a destination... which my son simply adores. She is meticulously clean and is continuously improving and changing the children's environment to keep them interested and engaged. She is not afraid to be affectionate, but also is excellent at guiding behavior and setting limits. She gets the kids outside nearly every day, and makes the extra effort to go on walks. Our son left Rose’s program at 2 1/2 year old and is well adjusted, polite, communicative, confident, interested in learning, fascinated by the world around him, and more than ready to enter preschool. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have found Rose to care for our baby and can't think of a better place for him to grow, learn, and explore. We highly recommend her.

As two working parents with intensely demanding jobs as deputy district attorneys it was very important to us to find a safe, loving, and secure place for our daughter “F” while we were at work. We were terrified to leave her without a "one on one" nanny situation but needed a loving, safe, supportive environment that we could afford as working parents. We found that in Rose. We never worried about “F” when she was with Rose. We knew she was in the best care. Rose communicated with us daily about our little girl and eased our worries every day. Our daughter loved coming to "Rose's" and playing with her friends, being out in the yard, reading her books, and learning about her world. We are so grateful for you Rose. Even when we transitioned to preschool - Fanny continues to talk joyfully about you and her friends at "Rose's." We give you our highest recommendation.

Our son “E” does not quite know it yet, but he is a very lucky boy to have met you and your family at A Bundle of Love Childcare. And we as his parents could not be luckier to have met you. We had such peace of mind when we left our precious little boy with you and we know you love him and care for him as we do, because when he is back at home he is full of energy and happy and he was always excited to go back to you the next morning. We believe you have a special way with kids. We were so pleasantly surprised with all that you've done from day one. We are grateful for everything you did for our son “E” and our family.

Rose, we are very lucky to have been given your name as a reference because it turned out to be one of the best decisions we made for our son. Putting our 4 month old son “H” into someone else's care was one of the most difficult decisions we had to make as first time parents. Both my husband and I work full time, yet we never felt guilty about bringing our son to Rose's care because he was always excited to go. She is very nurturing, loving and thoughtful and treated our son as if he was her own. Playtime was an opportunity for the kids to learn and Rose excelled in giving our son foundations for each developmental stage as he grew from a baby to a toddler. She was also a wealth of information to both of us when we weren't quite sure if we were handling situations correctly. Rose is wonderful with communicating about your child's day, which makes it easier when you aren't able to be with them. She creates a very safe environment that allows the children to play and have a wonderful time. It was such a relief to be able to bring my son to daycare and never have to worry about his safety. Rose played a very important role in our son's life and we are thankful for the impact that she had on his upbringing.

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